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january 2 / cotton candy / 1 original and 25 custom edition prints / prints that look like paintings / inquire 318 834 4539


january 7 / narcissus over hand painted striped mural / new orleans french quarter residence

january 4 / diptych: the crucifixion / finest eggplant purple i've ever mixed / detail shots below




the old king's road / 1 of 2 panels / panel 2 is 6 slides down / a personal favorite, a hard won victory



january 1 / cavalluciio marino / sculpture, drawings and prints commissioned by francesca de medici of rome, italy



january 1 / cavalluciio marino / detail






abstract painting





january 12 / staged image design and photography for music video









plaxicao (old school) / a lettering style with roots in 1980's sao paolo, south america




















january 15 / a new signature that can go anywhere at any size






january 16 / portrait of abraham limcoln / 4 client portfolios

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